National Disability Services – Disability at Work Conference 2017

Professor Anne Kavanagh presentation on the IDES study

Professor Anne Kavanagh presented at the Disability at Work conference in May run by National Disability Services (NDS) in Brisbane. The conference heard from speakers from various areas, with a focus on innovative ways to activate and engage people with disability to obtain and maintain employment.

Anne spoke about the importance of the project and that it aims to provide evidence on how people with disability obtain and sustain long-term employment. Anne also spoke about the projects expected outcomes – that we hope to identify ways of improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities and contribute to new government policies and models of service delivery.

A number of employment service agencies have since approached the project, expressing their interest and willingness to be involved to help us with recruiting participants and to better learn about their individual services.

If you are a disability employment service provider and would also like to be involved, please get in touch.